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Thank You

Below is a list of people who I feel should be thanked. If you want me to thank you on here just email me and tell me why I should thank you. If you have a good enough reason you'll be thanked.

I would like to thank...

-Amy Taylor A.K.A. NoodlesGirl for making me jealous of her. This girl was actaully on Noodles' guest list for the 13th Floor.
-Tanya for giving me wrong information on Noodles, which wasn't her fault. I don't care that it was wrong. Just the fact that she offered to help me was enough.
-The webmistress of Offspring Offline for not getting pissed off at me for stealing a lot of information from her site.
-The webmistress of X-TREMEOFFSPRING for not getting pissed off at me for stealing information from her site. I learnt my lesson with stealing stuff from her because most of what I stole from her site turned out to be wrong.
-Rob Hastings for not getting pissed off at me for stealing those yearbook pictures from his site.
-Diablo for attempting to create her own Noodles site, but failed. Better luck next time.
-All the people who have visited this site and helped to put my old counter over 1000.
-Noodles for giving me that picture of his "secret weapon" and for correcting my info page.
-Anyone else who I might have forgotten to thank I thank you also. Just email me and I'll thank you.