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Fucking Annoying Questions

Everyday when I go to check my email I am faced with questions that people want answered. If you have a question for me you can email it to me and if I know the answer I'll answer it for you on here.

Q: Why did you take down your first site?
A: I took it down because it sucked and I was embarassed by it. Now let us never speak of that site again.

Q: Are you stalking Noodles?
A: No I am not.

Q: Do you know anything about Noodles that you're not telling us?
A: No I don't. If you have any information on him that is accurate you can email it to me and I will add it. By the time you read this I will have found out more information on him but I will not have added yet.

Q: Why do you know what type of modem he has?
A: I know what type of modem he has because one Thursday evening around the end of July 2000 he was in the official chatroom. I was talking to him and he asked me if I had gotten the email that he sent me because he was having some trouble figuring out his new modem.

Q: Can I have Noodles' email address?
A: Sure you can have his email address! However, I'm not going to be the one who gives it to you.

Q: Have you ever actually met with Noodles?
A: No I haven't actually met with Noodles. I'm still waiting for my ship to come in.

Q: If I send you an email to Noodles will you forward it to him for me?
A: I did this once because some guy thought that I was Noodles. I have decided not to do it again now that it is possible to send him stuff on the official site's BBS.

Q: Are you Noodles?
A: No I am not and so I would really like it if you would stop sending me your fan mail to Noodles.

Q: Why do you know so much about Noodles?
A: I know so much about him because I have been collecting little bits of pointless information from various interviews in various forms.

Q: On the MuchMusic I&I there was an email from a girl named Jocelyn, was that you?
A: Yes that was my email on the MuchMusic I&I, but he pronounced my name wrong. It's really pronounced Joi-s-lin NOT Jaw-saw-lin.

Q:How can you be so certain that the person who claims to be Noodles is in fact Noodles?
A: I am so certain because the type of email address that he has can only be aquired by a person who works for that big company.

Q: Why did you decide to do a web site on Noodles instead of Dexter?
A: Why instead of just Dexter? Why not instead of Dexter, Ron and Greg? I did a site about Noodles because I have a fascination with lead guitarists. I wanted to make a site like this about Angus Young, but I knew my brother would
not approve of that.

Q: How strong are Noodles' glasses?
A: I don't know the exact strength, but I do know that they are pretty strong. I can also tell you that he is neither near sighted nor far sighted, but leaning more towards far sighted and he's got really bad astigmatism.