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This should all be correct now because Noodles corrected it for me. The only thing that might be a bit off is his equipment list because I got a bit confused trying to determine what he still used and what he doesn't and what replaced what, etc.

-Real name- Kevin Wasserman
-He plays guitar and back-up vocals
-Origin of nickname- He would annoyingly noodle away on his guitar.
-Thom Wilson gave him his nickname
-Children- Daughter, Chelsea Nicole Wasserman(12/6/89)
-Chelsea's mom is Ron's step-sister
-Got married on February 14, 1998
-Wife- Jackie Patrice Wasserman
-His mom's name is Linda
-Went to the Galapagos Islands for their honeymoon and stayed in a sailboat
-Birthdate February 4, 1963
-Birthplace- Los Angles, CA
-Lives in Tustin Orange County California
-He has hazel eyes
-He's 6'2" tall
-Graduated from Pacifica High School
-He worked at an elementary school as a "Head Custodian" immeadiately prior to the Offspring becoming a full time job. Before that he worked at Pacifica High School. (If you search hard enough you can find pictures of him in the staff section of the yearbook, circa '82-'87.)
-He was the last member to hold a real job.
-He quit in June 1994.
-When he was 16 he worked at McDonalds
-He was in Boy Scouts with Dexter's older brother
-Hobbies are snowbording, surfing, fishing and skateboarding
-Being oldest member of the band, he was the first to buy the band beer legally
-Drives a GMC Sports Utility Vehicle
-Owns a little boat he fishes on
-In 1989 he was stabbed by a Nazi skinhead. He had to go to court and testify which was worse than being stabbed.
-After he got stabbed rumours went out that he had died
-Has a tattoo on his right shoulder that looks like a sun with CN in the center which stands for Chelsea Nicole (his daughter)
-He quite enjoys it when you cuss him out on the Official Chatroom.
-Last name is German and Jewish
-He's very Irish and was raised Catholic
-He's still Irish though not much of a Catholic
-Applied for a job at MCA Records before The Offspring got big
-Used to be in the bands called the Clowns of Death and Dirty Dot
-Now his side project is Circus Penis
-When asked what superpower he would most like to have, his reply was "I would settle for some 20/20 vision at this point"
-He's color blind
-His birthday was overlooked because he got caught breaking into the school. They broke in to ride skateboards in the halls.
-He quit smoking for two years but started back up
-He smokes Marlboro Cigarettes
-He was cutting down on alcohol so that he could get it under control
-Equipment-Ibanez Talman Guitars(3), (Diaddario 11-49) 11 Guage Strings, Mesa Boogie Mark IV Amplifier, Ibanez Artstar, VHT Pittbull amp (this amp rules and when it is used with the Mesa it covers a lot of sonic territory.) Mesa Boogie 4x12 Cabinet, Furman PL-8 Power Concert, Sabine RT-1601 Rack Tune, Dave Freedman at Rack Systems now sets up their gear and they use a GCX switching system instead of the Mesa one, Sony Wireless System, and his "Secret Weapon"
-He owns about 30 guitars and 6 amps.
-His guitar collection consists of Ibanez, Fender, Gibson, Gretch, Danelectro, PRS, Ameg and MJ electric guitars and Taylor, Larivee, Dobro and some kind of classical for acoustic guitars
-His first instrument was trumpet when he was 10, but he sucked really badly so he moved on to guitar so that he could suck at something else.
-He can also play bass
-On "Why Don't You Get A Job? he played the steel drums on the cd
-He's adopted
-He first got into music when someone bought him one of those Disney Tapes
-One of the first songs he learnt to play on guitar was from Fantasia
-Used the name Child C2017 on the I'll Be Waiting 7"
-He started playing Gibson and Epiphone guitars a few years before he hooked up with Ibanez.
-He advertises for Ibanez Guitars
-He wants you to throw shit at Greg on stage
-When he was in high school the jocks would beat him up for liking punk rock
-His orginal hair color is brown
-When he was 18 it started graying.
-Now his hair color is whatever he wants it to be.
-His favorite song off of Americana is "The Kids Aren't Alright" and "Have You Ever".
-His 2 favourite songs off of Ixnay On The Hombre are "All I Want" and "Don't Pick It Up"
-He wants to play with the Rolling Stones and the Dickies
-During the December 3rd, 1999 show in Calgary one of the bubble machines was leaking and he slipped on the bubble soap crap and fell flat on his ass during the solo of Feelings. No body felt that it was more funny than Greg K.
-He has a cat named Woody
-After Smash came out he was thinking about putting his revenue into university to become a teacher.
-He prefers smooth peanut butter.
-The first guitar he bought with Offspring money was a Gibson. But his first 3 guitars were all Fenders.
-When he was in his senior year of high school he was in the drama production entitled "Help"
-To him pigeons are like flying rats
-Once at a show someone stole his glasses and then tried to steal his wallet (they didn't get it, but why would he keep his wallet with him on stage if he's doing stage dives and stuff?)
-Once when he asked this guy he could trade glasses with him the guy got all pissed off at him for asking.
-He lost his virginity when he was 14 and it wasn't very good.
-He's got the biggest feet in the band
-His Social Security Number ends in 7-6